Successful Tips for Watercolor Painting

Choosing the color palette means that limit your choices, making a study and try out an experiment. One of the best keys become a successful beginner of a watercolor artist is choosing a workable set of your shades. You have to find out what palette you might choose and start your experiment. Success is your guarantee at – since it’s your success is about the experiment and have fun. And if you are ready for the next step in watercolor, then there are many ways that you can use as a reference to make a beautiful painting.

Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Painting

Start to limit your colors – or maybe not

With so many watercolors available, there is no special reason to limit the palette just for primary and secondary shades. Even, taking out advantage from all variants can save your time. In another side, the artists sometimes will limit the color for one painting or over the time you will find the preference. This color decision will help you decide the unique style and approach as well. the recommendation is choosing to warmer and cooler version of each color. It means that you might choose two verses of a single tone which been colors framing it into the color wheel. As the last step, you are able to include the earth tones in both opaque and transparent. In several cases, the specific color combinations will increase the granulation.

Testing your colors before you start painting something

Not each color will include in each of your paintings. For beginner watercolor painting, then it would be something that you should consider – you do not have to use all colors in your palette. You are able to limit your colors to make a color harmony as well. before you just painting, then it is always better to test the limited colors. You can start with primary colors, such as yellow, red and blue – then you can mix them together and start to place them as you make the color wheel.

Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Painting

Practices to get color right

You should know that doing your study will save more your time in a long time. if you might spend around 20 minutes to reconsider your colors, then it might save you from getting a redo in the entire of your painting later. It also increases the result as well. After you have absorbed all of these tips, then you are able to start doing your best painting. Of course, you are able to find the best style of your drawing.


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