The Life Story of The Famous Painter Vincent Van Gogh

What comes to your mind when you hear the name Vincent Van Gogh? He is a phenomenal figure during his lifetime, known as an “insane” painter. Why insane? He cut off his own ear and gave it to a woman he met in a brothel. However, cutting his own ear was not the only madness he had. As a painter, his work has been recognized throughout the world.

He had the talent of painting since he was little, however, painting could not make him a successful kid in formal education, and as a result, he was not able to complete it. But he continued to hone his talent. At the beginning of his career, Van Gogh was not a painter at all, he was an art dealer who worked in London before finally deciding to quit the job and switch professions to become a servant of God. In spite of his busy life, he continued to paint even though his painting did not make any money. Fortunately, he had a good relationship with his younger brother, Theo Van Gogh, who later helped with his financial problems.

The Potato Eaters and The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh: An Interpretation

The Potato Eaters and The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh: An Interpretation

About 900 post-impressionism or neo-impressionism paintings were made by Van Gogh during his difficult life. Out of all those mesmerizing paintings, everyone knows that The Potato Eaters and The Starry Night are two of his most outstanding paintings.

The Potato Eaters

This painting is often considered to be the first masterpiece created by Van Gogh. When he lived in Nuenen, he painted what conditions he saw around him. How do the people there live their poor life. In the painting, dark colors, almost monochrome, predominantly show the less prosperous living conditions of the farmers.

The portrait of The Potato Eaters depicts five farmers sitting at a dining table and the dish they eat is only potatoes. The dramatic depiction of the farmers’ fatigue can be clearly seen from the four old farmers with wrinkled faces and one young person whose face also look very tired. With only one lamp as a means of minimal lighting hanging in the middle of the room, this painting gives a very dark atmosphere because Van Gogh managed to make the final result of this painting to become “gloomy”.

The Potato Eaters and The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh: An Interpretation

The Potato Eaters and The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh: An Interpretation

The Starry Night

It seems that this painting has become the most famous paintings among Van Gogh’s other paintings. It also seems that everyone has seen this painting at least once in their life, even though they don’t know the name of it.

The Starry Night depicts a natural scene just before sunrise that was painted based on Van Gogh’s memory. He painted his masterpiece in the mental hospital room he stayed in. This painting puts an emphasis on emotional life which can be seen in how Van Gogh painted a raging and wild sky. It is as if the sky is twisting along with a dynamic curve around which is surrounded with glowing stars. This combination then produces a sacred night scene filled with emotion.

Although no one knows for sure the meaning of this painting, people still interpret and give opinions about the meaning of the painting. In fact, experts have examined the circular strokes in the painting as a turbulence pattern in fluid dynamics, which is described as a small vortex full of energy.