Paintings and Arts Techniques that Every Painter Must Know. Are you looking for some paintings and arts techniques that you have to master as an artist? Well, you do not have to look anymore because we might have the answers for you. Keep reading this article to find out more.

Being a painter is one of the most exciting things in the world. Painting allows you to capture what you see or imagine and put it onto a canvas. That is why painters are one of the greatest artists that you can find.

Painting sounds easy enough, right? However, that is not the case. Painting is not just drawing. It is a form of art that needs certain techniques to do it right. But do not worry, these techniques can be learned quite easily if you are determined. Here are some painting techniques that every artist needs to know.

Creating an Underpainting

Paintings and Arts Techniques that Every Painter Must Know


This is a useful technique that will make your painting look extremely stunning. When you are painting using oils or acrylics, it is probably best if you do not start from a white canvas. Creating an underpainting in burnt umber allows you to easily establish shadows and values to your painting. Besides using burnt umber, you can also use a mix of phthalo blues or burnt sienna to make your painting look gorgeous.

Glazing to Intensify Your Painting

Paintings and Arts Techniques that Every Painter Must Know


The next technique that you have to master is glazing. Glazing is a term in paintings and arts that is used to describe a technique that will make your painting look even more beautiful than it already is. This technique involves putting a coat of transparent paint all over the dry part of your painting. This allows you to modulate the color as well as intensify the shadows in your painting. A blue transparent color that is put over dry yellow color will result in green.

Dry Brushing to Add Texture

Paintings and Arts Techniques that Every Painter Must Know

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is another painting technique that can be useful to painters. It is a technique where you apply color to a dried layer of paint. You can do this technique if you want to apply a light color over darker dried paint. This can be quite useful to depict grass and rock textures. All you need to do is add a tiny paint to your brush and apply that paint to your painting very quickly. Make sure to do it using directional strokes.

Blocking in the Form

Blocking is a technique that you need to know as a painter. If you are a painter, then you are probably familiar with the various brushes that you can use to paint. There are so many shapes and fiber types that painting brushes have. All of these different brushes will also give you different results when you are painting. To use this technique, you need a brush that combines both flat and round brushes that will cover details and large areas.


As a painter, you need to know a lot of painting techniques. These paintings and arts techniques will help you become a better painter.