Painting is already known since 40,000 years ago when human used charcoal and ochre to create images of several things such as animals or the stencils of human’s handprints on cave walls. Although, digital technology and photography have been developed nowadays, painting still remained as mode of expression.

The term of painting in art depicts the act and the result. People can feel the power of painting by looking at the psychological, emotional and spiritual reflection from the painting which can reach the level of human condition. O

The Top Four Most Popular Paintings in Art History

The Top Four Most Popular Paintings in Art History

Top 4 Most Famous Paintings

  1. The Portrait of Mona Lisa

The portrait of Mona Lisa is one of the great masterpiece in painting created by Leonardo Da Vinci between 1503 and 1517. Since the year of this great masterpiece has been made, two biggest questions left unanswered about this fascinating portrait: Why is the subject smiling and who is she?

In order to answer these questions, many theories have been proposed over the years about the subject in the portrait. Most popular theories said that the woman in the portrait is Caterina, Leonardo’s mother. Leonardo Da Vinci used his own childhood memories to paint her mother. However, other theories said that she’s Florentine merchant Francesco’s wife.

The very well – known smile of Mona Lisa has made many people crazy over centuries. The calm yet stunning landscape behind the portrait match Mona Lisa’s look.

The Top Four Most Popular Paintings in Art History

The Top Four Most Popular Paintings in Art History

  1. Painting of The Starry Night

Painting of The Starry Night is made by Vincent Van Gogh in1889. The painting is very popular and was made by Van Gogh at the asylum in Saint – Remy. The painting from Van Gogh reflects perfectly the turbulent state of mind Van Gogh had at the time. He painted the picture from the window of Saint – Remy asylum room which he occupied, facing east.

Van Gogh painted it just before the sunrise which he added imaginary village on the bottom. During his stay in the asylum, Van Gogh had produced various recognized paintings.

  1. The Portrait of Girl with a Pearl Earring

The portrait of Girl with a Pearl Earring is made by famous artists Johannes Vermeer in 1665. The portrait made by Vermeer was very popular since it looks so real and modern amongst the other portraits at that time. Many people wonder whether or not this portrait used the help of pre – photographic device that was very popular back then called a camera obscura.

This device was able to create the image of a person more real. However, there are no correct answer about this matter until now. Many theories said that the subject in the portrait was Vermeer’s maid. Johannes Vermeer portrays the looks of the woman over her shoulder and focused more on the big and stunning eyes of hers.

  1. Whistler’s Mother

Whistler’s Mother or also known as Arrangement in Grey and Black no. 1 is made by James Abbot McNeill Whistler in 1871. The painting shows a symbol of motherhood despite the rigidity in the element composition.