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Things to Pay Attention in Taking Care of Original Paintings

Things to Pay Attention in Taking Care of Original Paintings

Things to Pay Attention in Taking Care of Original Paintings. A collection of original paintings are among great investments that need proper care to maintain the value. There are various combinations of different materials in paintings. It leads to different characteristics and resistance against aging. Taking good care of a collection of original paintings is important. These are some of the things to pay attention to do it.

Cleaning Is One Thing To Do In Preserving Paintings On Display

Things to Pay Attention in Taking Care of Original Paintings

Clean The Painting

The best way to do it is by using compressed air can. The pressure of the air is gentle enough to blow any dust on the surface of the paintings. Using an industrial compressor is not recommended since the air pressure will be too strong that may damage the paintings. Another thing to do in terms of cleaning the surface of the paintings is to hold a vacuum and use a soft and dry sable brush on the surface. Just sweep any dust on the surface for the vacuum to suck it all. Make sure to hold the vacuum steadily or it may scratch the surface of the paintings when it is too close.

In Terms Of Cleaning, It Is Enough Just To Do Those Things Mentioned Earlier

Things to Pay Attention in Taking Care of Original Paintings

Clean The Original Painting

There is no need to use solvents or cleaning liquids in any form to clean paintings. They may pick up the dirt but in the end, the liquid is embedded right into the paintings. Even the use of water is not recommended at all in cleaning paintings. Stiff brushes are not recommended to use just like dust cloths either moist or dry. Moreover, spraying anything but compressed air into the surface of the paintings is prohibited. That includes polish and fresheners. Just stick to the easy cleaning of it.

Aside From Cleaning, Ensuring That The Paintings Remain At The Best

Things to Pay Attention in Taking Care of Original Paintings

Things to Pay Attention in Taking Care of Original Paintings

State includes many other things to note. Placement of the paintings will affect the paintings for sure. It is not a good idea to place a painting close to any heat source such as a fireplace. On the other hand, placing a painting in a moist environment is not recommended as well. So, it is not a good idea to have one or two paintings in a bathroom for it will eventually damage the paintings after a certain time. Even the lighting in the area of the paintings needs attention. Ultraviolet light should never be too close to the paintings or the paintings will fade in terms of its color balance.

Proper care is a must when handling the paintings to move them from one place to another. The surface of the paintings is off-limits for holding or even just touching. Touching and holding the surface will place a bit of pressure on the surface that is not a good thing at all for the painting. It is better to cover up the surface when moving it to avoid anything accidentally dropping into the surface of the paintings. All in all, it is quite simple to take care of the original paintings, right?

Paintings and Arts Techniques that Every Painter Must Know

Paintings and Arts Techniques that Every Painter Must Know

Paintings and Arts Techniques that Every Painter Must Know. Are you looking for some paintings and arts techniques that you have to master as an artist? Well, you do not have to look anymore because we might have the answers for you. Keep reading this article to find out more.

Being a painter is one of the most exciting things in the world. Painting allows you to capture what you see or imagine and put it onto a canvas. That is why painters are one of the greatest artists that you can find.

Painting sounds easy enough, right? However, that is not the case. Painting is not just drawing. It is a form of art that needs certain techniques to do it right. But do not worry, these techniques can be learned quite easily if you are determined. Here are some painting techniques that every artist needs to know.

Creating an Underpainting

Paintings and Arts Techniques that Every Painter Must Know


This is a useful technique that will make your painting look extremely stunning. When you are painting using oils or acrylics, it is probably best if you do not start from a white canvas. Creating an underpainting in burnt umber allows you to easily establish shadows and values to your painting. Besides using burnt umber, you can also use a mix of phthalo blues or burnt sienna to make your painting look gorgeous.

Glazing to Intensify Your Painting

Paintings and Arts Techniques that Every Painter Must Know


The next technique that you have to master is glazing. Glazing is a term in paintings and arts that is used to describe a technique that will make your painting look even more beautiful than it already is. This technique involves putting a coat of transparent paint all over the dry part of your painting. This allows you to modulate the color as well as intensify the shadows in your painting. A blue transparent color that is put over dry yellow color will result in green.

Dry Brushing to Add Texture

Paintings and Arts Techniques that Every Painter Must Know

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is another painting technique that can be useful to painters. It is a technique where you apply color to a dried layer of paint. You can do this technique if you want to apply a light color over darker dried paint. This can be quite useful to depict grass and rock textures. All you need to do is add a tiny paint to your brush and apply that paint to your painting very quickly. Make sure to do it using directional strokes.

Blocking in the Form

Blocking is a technique that you need to know as a painter. If you are a painter, then you are probably familiar with the various brushes that you can use to paint. There are so many shapes and fiber types that painting brushes have. All of these different brushes will also give you different results when you are painting. To use this technique, you need a brush that combines both flat and round brushes that will cover details and large areas.


As a painter, you need to know a lot of painting techniques. These paintings and arts techniques will help you become a better painter.

Top 3 Famous Paintings and Arts in the World You Should Know

Top 3 Famous Paintings and Arts in the World

Top 3 Famous Paintings and Arts in the World. Paintings and Arts are some of the most important things in the whole world. The painting itself is a medium that has been around since the beginning of time. It even dated as far as 40,000 years ago. At the time, humans used charcoal and ochre to paint the walls of their caves.

Now, painting is regarded as one of the most important arts that you can find. People fly thousands of miles away just to see famous paintings that are hanging on the walls of museums. The beauty of these paintings attracts a lot of people from all over the world.

If you are a painting enthusiast, then you probably know that there are so many famous paintings that were made by great artists. However, if you were not familiar with famous paintings, it is okay. We are going to tell you some of the most famous paintings in the world that you can admire. Top 3 Famous Paintings and Arts in the World.

Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci

Top 3 Famous Paintings and Arts in the World You Should Know

Mona Lisa Painting

Who is not familiar with the Mona Lisa painting? This painting is regarded as one of the most popular paintings in the whole world. It is safe to say that you probably have been living under a rock if you have not heard about this painting.

Mona Lisa is a famous painting that was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was painted between the years of 1504 and 1517. Ever since this painting was made, a lot of questions have arisen about it. Who is the woman in the painting? Why is she smiling? Those questions remained unanswered until this day.

Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer

Top 3 Famous Paintings and Arts in the World You Should Know

Johannes Vermeer Painting

Another one of the famous paintings and arts that you might have seen is the Girl with a Pearl Earring. This painting was painted by Johannes Vermeer in 1665. This painting becomes quite famous because of how real and modern it looks. The painting looks so realistic that some people even think it is a photograph.

Other than looking very realistic, this painting also manages to attract a lot of attention because of how beautiful it is. The subject of the painting is looking over her shoulder, locking her eyes to yours. The captivating gaze of the girl in the painting gives this painting a very attractive quality.

The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh

Top 3 Famous Paintings and Arts in the World You Should Know

The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh

This is another famous painting that you should be familiar with. The Starry Night is a popular painting that was created by Vincent van Gogh. The painting that was made in 1889 is regarded as one of the most beautiful paintings in the whole world.

Vincent van Gogh was trying to put his state of mind at the time onto canvas. The Starry Night was the result of that, allowing you to see how turbulent his state of mind was. The swirls and orbs in the night sky make this painting look stunning.

Final Thoughts

There are so many famous paintings all over the world that people have managed to create. The beauty of those paintings and arts will bring joy to your artistic heart.

Dark Side of Anime Industries for Japanese Animators

Dark Side of Anime Industries for Japanese Animators

Dark Side of Anime Industries for Japanese Animators. Everyone loves anime, either do I. The story is pretty enjoyable, and the new episode aired every week. Waiting for the next episode is always exciting. We should be thankful that the animators that work so hard to entertain us with the anime they worked on. However, there are a lot of dark sides when it comes to Japanese anime industries. The animators did nothing wrong, but the corporation they work for does. What kind of stuff did the corporation do to the animators? Because of that, in this article, we will talk about the dark side of anime industries for Japanese animators.

High Working Times

Dark Side of Anime Industries for Japanese Animators

High Working Times

For a comic artist, making a comic page with a few panels can take a lot of time. They usually finished them in hours. How about animators? They work from one frame to frames. One frame is basically one page, and they need a lot of frames to make the animation moves as we saw in animes. They can take more than 12 hours to make just one scene.

Because of that, a lot of animators feel pressured and depressed because of their job. They were tired at their work tables. Some of them went to the hospital, and it is not a secret anymore if animators died because they worked too much.

Madhouse, one of many anime studios in Japan, blamed their employees (animators) for 400 hours of work in a month. Also, they never taste a day off because they have to work nonstop for 37 days. All of them because of workaholic and deadline demands. It is not a secret too that many animators died of suicide, because of the pressure and stress they got.

Lowly Paid

Dark Side of Anime Industries for Japanese Animators

Dark Side of Anime Industries for Japanese Animators

Animators in Japan got their wages lower than the jobs they did and how many hours they worked for. It could be said that the wages they received is the same as the minimum worker wage’s standard.

The Japanese animators received 770 Yen per hour. If they worked for 8 hours per day, they only received 6.160 Yen. If they work for a month, they receive 184.800 Yen as their monthly wage. It is a high amount of money if compared to our currency, but it is considered to be low for daily needs in Japan.

Enslaving Freelance Animators

Dark Side of Anime Industries for Japanese Animators

Dark Side of Anime Industries for Japanese Animators

Every year, there are around 200 anime aired in Japan. That means the studio needs a lot of animators to make those anime. Also, it is hard to find animators with actual talents.

For the solution, the studio employs freelancers as their in-between animators. Because freelance animators are lower to pay than official animators for a studio. If there are young animators that aren’t needed anymore, the studio will throw them away like garbage.


As for the summary, the fates of Japanese animators are too sad. They worked for hours and surpassed worker’s standards, and their wages are low either. There is no secret that there a lot of animators died of working too much or died of suicide.

Most Expensive Paintings

The Most Expensive Paintings in the World

People are quite familiar with the fact that painting artworks can be very expensive, but some of them can be considered as the most expensive paintings in the world. Here are five of them.

Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci

The record of the most expensive painting in the world was held by Salvator Mundi made by Leonardo da Vinci. This painting shows Jesus Christ that was holding a crystal orb. This painting was made during the same period as the famous Mona Lisa. King Louis XII of France commissioned da Vinci to make this artwork in 1605. It became a lost artwork with no record somewhere between 1763 and 1900.

Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci

Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci

A group of art dealers from Britain rediscovered this painting in 2005. Salvator Mundi means ‘Savior of the World’ and it was bought by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia at that time, Mohammed bin Salman but this purchase was made on behalf of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism.

Interchange by Willem de Kooning

The Interchange was made by Willem de Kooning in 1955. The inspiration for this artwork was his surroundings when he was living in New York City. It was considered as the artwork with the highest price that was paid in the private sale.

Interchange by Willem de Kooning

Interchange by Willem de Kooning

This painting was bought by Kenneth C Griffin along with Number 17A by Jackson Pollock in a $500 million deal. It means that the value of this artwork was $300 million. Unlike Number 17A  by Jackson Pollock, Interchange can be enjoyed by common people since it is displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Card Players by Paul Cézanne

The Card Players made by Paul Cézanna becomes the third most expensive painting artwork in the world. Cézanna made a series of paintings consists of five paintings with the same name as this painting.

The Card Players by Paul Cézanne

The Card Players by Paul Cézanne

This artwork is included in the series made by the French master in the 1890s. The value of this painting was $250 million and it was bought by the Royal Family of Qatar in 2011.

Nafea Faa Ipoipo by Paul Gauguin

Nafea Faa Ipoipo was painted by Paul Gauguin that was a French post-impressionist painter. It was made when he went to Tahiti for the first time.

Nafea Faa Ipoipo by Paul Gauguin

Nafea Faa Ipoipo by Paul Gauguin

This painting features the native women on the island and it is not the only painting with this kind of concept after all. The title ‘Nafea Faa Ipoipo means ‘When will You Marry?’. In 2015, this artwork was sold for $210 million after a long negotiation that lasts for about two years.

Number 17A by Jackson Pollock

Number 17A was made by Jackson Pollock in 1948. This painting is special because it was the second piece of artwork that was purchased by Kenneth C Griffin that was a hedge fund manager in a deal with $200 worth in 2015.

Unfortunately, common people cannot enjoy this painting yet because it is not displayed for the public at the moment. Nevertheless, other paintings by Jackson Pollock can be found in the museums for public display around the world. Nowadays, this painting is worth $200 million.

Fine Art artist

Basic Things You Must Know to Become a Fine Art Artist

Some of you might love to draw something and want to improve it into a fine artwork. You are able to do it as long as you follow the process. A great masterpiece is created by an experienced and skilled artist. So, what do you have to do if you want to be an expert in fine art or to become a fine art artist?

Draw Something

The main thing you have to do if you want to be a fine art artist is just doing it. You just need to draw something based on your passion about bola 88 or interest in games or anything else that you enjoy. Drawing one fine art project is not enough. As a fine art artist, you have to draw every day. You have to create artworks as many as you can. Repeat what you have done and then improve it. You may try to learn new drawing methods and apply them to your project.

noah's ark mural

noah’s ark mural

Improve or Edit Your Drawing

When you are done with a fine art drawing, try to look at it again. Just take a few minutes to think about the drawing deeply. Take this moment to improve or edit the drawing. You may check the shape, line, shade, colors, or any detail of the drawing.

Learn from the Other Fine Art Works   

In your break time, you can find some fine artworks from the other artists. Try to find the works that apply different types of method. While exploring those artworks, you can learn so many things. Seeing artworks from the other artists might inspire you or lead you to a bunch of ideas. This is also the way to improve your skill in creating more attracting fine artworks.

fine art boudoir

fine art boudoir

Get Ideas from Anywhere

As an artist, you need to find an idea before creating a fine art project. The thing that you have to consider is that everything can be a good idea which leads you to great artwork. Exploring nature, objects, or events is a good way to get a new idea. Then, you can combine the idea with a new method you haven’t tried before. Just be creative and innovative in executing the idea to become a great fine artwork.

Now, you know the basic things you have to do to become a fine art artist. What you have to do next is starting to draw and making an artwork regularly. Repeat and improve the proc

Fine Art Projects

Simple Tricks to Finish Your Fine Art Projects Fast

Drawing a fine art seems complicated to do, especially if you are a beginner artist. Actually, there are several things you need to know to make your fine art drawing process much easier. Even, if you get used to with those basic things, you can finish the drawing faster. Learn the simple tricks to finish your fine art projects fast below and apply them to know the result.

The Importance of Background

The basic thing you need to know before creating the fine art project is the importance of background. Some of the advanced fine art artists often start the background first. The color of the background depends on the project you want to do. You can start with black and white or pale brown background. You may also use a combination of some colors such as blue, and brown if you want to use a black and white pencil drawing project. By applying this simple trick, you can finish your fine art project fast along with a wonderful result.


moonlit pumpkins

moonlit pumpkins

The Use of Patterned or Textural Surfaces

You have to be creative in creating a fine art project. This is including using a variety of surfaces including patterned or textual surface. You can use the pattern or the texture of the material as the background and even support the fine art theme. For instance, you can use wallpapers, postcards, or paperback book covers as the material. Then, start the fine art project based on the message or theme you want to share with the people. Indeed, you are not only finishing the project fast but it gives deep meaning to your fine art project.

downpour intimacy

Fine Art Projects downpour intimacy

Work with Several Projects at Once

Let say, you have several ideas and you want to execute them right away. You don’t have to finish it one by one. Try to finish those projects at once. This trick makes your job more efficient. You can start it by choosing a color which you will use for those projects. Work with the first material using that color. When it is done, go to the second material and so on. Interestingly, by the time you want to continue the first project, the paint is already dry and you can directly continue it. Indeed, it makes the process faster and you can have several fine artworks in a very limited time.

In the end, working with fine art project is fun and challenging. You must use your creativity to produce outstanding fine artwork. This is including a creative way to finish the projects fast and get the result just like what you are expected.

Design a Drawing

Tips on How to Design a Drawing – Check Them Below

When you are drawing the convincing visual in a way more than just accuracy. You are trying to communicate ideas or sequence orders. You will deal with the background and characters in one surrounding. Drawing is the basis of visual narrative and this is also the main way for your illustration to communicate your ideas.

Design a Drawing

Design a Drawing

You can start with your idea

The first step is making a drawing which illustrates something at – this is something that you really want to communicate. So, what is the story? It does not only involve the characters or personalities which been included where it takes place and what’s happening between the characters. So, the first time is coming with your best concept. Where you get that idea? You can make use of what you know. Unless you were working with clients, your concept will go out of your imagination. This is the first experience that you will draw. All your experiences and anything that you see is the basis for your virtual story. So, you can decide what do you want to try to communicate?

Making sketch out of some thumbnails

Most of the illustrations were started from the concept of thumbnails and sketches. A concept is only an idea which quickly captured on paper. This is just the initial impression. Because it is small, then the thumbnail allows you to make some ideas quickly without consider about its accuracy. You can see the whole sketch at the same time.

Design a Drawing

Design a Drawing

You have to place a frame surround it

In your sketch concept, you want to find out a sense of the space where you are working. After you have the initial idea, you will be fast to make a sketch where you want those figures to come into the environment. By this way, you will ensure that anything inside the drawing linked to other things in your drawing. Actually, this is the main goal. You want to manage those elements in the space – which is loosely, but still in a more meaningful way. It is highly recommended that thumbnail destination should be fit in the final artwork so that you do not need to redesign anything when you are making your own final design. Many people of them said that what’s inside their heads are not what they can do in the paper. The aim is getting ideas on paper so that you are able to run it and try to refine it.

Drawing Skill

Here Several Ways to Improve Drawing Skill

When people see someone who so good in drawing often said that they wish that they can draw better and practice at Some of them might often hear that. There are many people who should not consider drawing to be all that necessary. They are designers or photographers and they might not understand the observational and technical acuity which increasing their design or photographic skill as well.

Drawing Skill

Drawing Skill

You should know that drawing slows you down. When you are drawing something, you need to spend your time to see an object, analyze it and start to produce. You do not only need preparing to set it in order to capture it to the next painting. You will be aware completely with its proportion, shape, and color. You understand the light and shade as well as how they will reveal and define that shape. This awareness will be interpreted to become a visual pursuit.

For those who want to draw better, then there are some recommendations:

  • Go drawing something, then repeat

Practices will lead you to improvement. You do not only get better, except if you are involved with that effort. The more you paint or draw something, then the more confident you are.

  • Always check the drawings

Whether it just a simple line or very detailed renderings, you can learn so many things by checking the work of others as well. How do they use shapes and lines? Of course, you might wonder, how do they shade?

  • You can draw from drawings

It might sound so weird, but what will you learn by copying the Da Vinci sketch? And so on. You are able to learn from the masters by copying it. They do not mind it.

Drawing Skill

Drawing Skill

  • Draw something from your life

If you just start, then you can choose a simple object and continue to the complex objects. You can go ahead and try to draw people or even your pet. You can draw your furniture and living spaces as well. Why do you enjoy your coffee? Then you can draw your coffee. This is the challenge: draw your hand. The feet and hands are the most complex part of your anatomy. Of you can handle it, then you can handle anything.

  • Draw from photos

For most people, it is easier to reproduce the 2-dimensional than reproduce the person, actual object or environment. When you are working from photos, then you have to check the edge, angles, and shades.

Artistic Composition

Pro Tips to Help You Improve Artistic Composition

A strong composition is very important for your successful piece of art. This is something which attracts a viewer’s eye and draws the attention of many people who take a closer look. it means that the differences between an action-packed of part and the contemplative one. But how you will make a composition to tell the mood that you want and what makes a composition succeed? There are so many rules about what makes a good composition. However, you can think of it as the optional templates. Traditional methods are the only answer to one problem which has unlimited solutions. The purpose is not only to offer you a simple method at for an artist to be used to make a more pleasing drawing.

Understanding the basics

You should know that the root of all compositions was placed in its relationship. Through the relationship by causing the difference between shapes, then you are able to compare these shapes. The comparing process of those shapes required you to move around your eyes repeatedly around the canvas and this is an actual purpose of making a great composition. Of course, you have to control your eye movement.

Making a golden ratio

This idea was started by old ancient Greeks who completely believe in ideal concepts from Platonic. They believed that anything, whether it was tangible or even intangible, then having a perfect condition which defines them. they also believe that someone should always work had to reach this ideal condition. Just like an implied line and the value contrast, the colors can be used to catch the attention of the viewer’s eye to them anywhere that we want. They believe that all objects which proportion show this are more pleasing, whether it is face, building or work.

Artistic Composition

Artistic Composition

Understanding the role of third

It means that you have to divide the composition into the third, both of vertically and horizontally, then place those key elements of your drawing to the lines or in the junction of them. there are many sources or other drawings that you can use as a reference as well.

Understanding how the rule works

You should know that the fact where the composition was divided into the three parts has a minimum significance. You are able to divide the composition into fourths, fifths, or even tenths as well. A long as there is a kind of imbalance, then composition will show the intense. The imbalance concept does not work for too many aspects of composition, including colors and values.

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