There are some essential tips which aspiring artist should know before they just try and make it professional. Just because you have creative skill to make a perception and moods of using sound, colors and light – it does not mean that you have what it makes to be an artist. The fact, being creative and talented is rarely an advantage. Become professional artists as same as the tenacity and talent.

It takes a lot of concerns, impressive commitment and skill level – with a bit of luck combination. This is not easy at all, but it is not impossible p especially if you know what to expect when you first time starting your career.

art in perspective

Describe your point

No matter what type of artists you are, this is always better to make a quick sketch to articulate your point visually. You are able to consider yourself as a professional first. If someone asks you to get a concept example or champagne and giving you with a paper and pen, then you have to take that notepad and start to draw your idea confidently. Even if you are a computer animator, a sculptor, a fashion designer, having a basic to make visual illustration quickly from ideas that give you the credibility that you need.

Put yourself with a hot brand  

You should know that marketing is necessary, especially in this crowded environment such as art. There are millions of people who claimed as artists. They have their own big aspiration and portfolio. What they do not have is a clear brand. You have to evaluate your skill, expertise and make your own branding decision.



Make your freelance regularly

You might prefer having one steady job and high-paying job, such as designers, illustrator and so on. It would be great if get two monthly payments from your company, having health insurance and paid off your days off. Unluckily, there are more people like you and compete for that one steady job. Instead of waiting for an opportunity from the sky, then this is always better to make out your opportunity. One of the best ways is freelance as much as you can.

Show off your portfolio in online and offline platforms

Each serious artists need a good portfolio. If you consider yourself as a professional, you have to plan and design your professional portfolio in both the web and your traditional books as well. Your books should be in a good presentation.