A strong composition is very important for your successful piece of art. This is something which attracts a viewer’s eye and draws the attention of many people who take a closer look. it means that the differences between an action-packed of part and the contemplative one. But how you will make a composition to tell the mood that you want and what makes a composition succeed? There are so many rules about what makes a good composition. However, you can think of it as the optional templates. Traditional methods are the only answer to one problem which has unlimited solutions. The purpose is not only to offer you a simple method at for an artist to be used to make a more pleasing drawing.

Understanding the basics

You should know that the root of all compositions was placed in its relationship. Through the relationship by causing the difference between shapes, then you are able to compare these shapes. The comparing process of those shapes required you to move around your eyes repeatedly around the canvas and this is an actual purpose of making a great composition. Of course, you have to control your eye movement.

Making a golden ratio

This idea was started by old ancient Greeks who completely believe in ideal concepts from Platonic. They believed that anything, whether it was tangible or even intangible, then having a perfect condition which defines them. they also believe that someone should always work had to reach this ideal condition. Just like an implied line and the value contrast, the colors can be used to catch the attention of the viewer’s eye to them anywhere that we want. They believe that all objects which proportion show this are more pleasing, whether it is face, building or work.

Artistic Composition

Artistic Composition

Understanding the role of third

It means that you have to divide the composition into the third, both of vertically and horizontally, then place those key elements of your drawing to the lines or in the junction of them. there are many sources or other drawings that you can use as a reference as well.

Understanding how the rule works

You should know that the fact where the composition was divided into the three parts has a minimum significance. You are able to divide the composition into fourths, fifths, or even tenths as well. A long as there is a kind of imbalance, then composition will show the intense. The imbalance concept does not work for too many aspects of composition, including colors and values.